Sunday Gospels 2017

Baptism of the Lord - Rev. Kristen Bennett Marble

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sr. Petite Lao

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Anne Morton

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Mary Louise Chesley-Cora

The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Ruby A. Simon

The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Pia Sison

The Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time – Anne Morton

The Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Dr. Joan Chunkapura

The First Sunday of Lent – Bernadette Chellew

The Second Sunday of Lent – Margaret Shepherd

The Third Sunday of Lent – Rita Kammermayer

The Fourth Sunday of Lent – Mary Louise Chesley-Cora

Fifth Sunday of Lent – Rev. Kristen B Marble

The Passion Sunday – Kristine Meneses

The Easter Sunday – Miner Generalao

Second Sunday of Easter – Bernadette Chellew

Third Sunday of Easter – We did not release commentaries for this week.

Fourth Sunday of Easter – Sr. Petite Lao


The Sixth Sunday of Easter – Margaret Shepherd

The Feast of the Ascension – Margaret Shepherd

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity – Minerva Generalao

Pentecost Sunday – Sr. Diane Willey

12th Sunday of the Year - Thérèse Fitzgerald

13th Sunday of the Year - Helen R. Graham

14th Sunday of the Year - Rev. Kristen B Marble

15th Sunday of the Year - Br Kevin McDonnell cfc

16th Sunday of the Year - Br Kevin McDonnell cfc

17th Sunday of the Year - Br Kevin McDonnell cfc