Some course descriptions vary from program to program,but the basic elements and academic objectives remain similar.

Hebrew Language
Learning the alphabet,some basic vocabulary, with an introduction to unlocking the secrets of the Hebrew Scriptures in the original language.

The Play of the Hebrew Language
The intrinsic connection between the play ability/playfulness of the Hebrew language and Midrash.

Spirituality in the Biblical Text
An engagement with ancient religious literature, particularly midrashic texts, to probe the layered meanings and spirituality in the text.

The Weekly Torah Portion/Parashat HaShavuah
Using the established lectionary, this is a modeling of the universal weekly practice in Jewish homes and synagogues of engagement with the biblical text, especially in havrutah groups.

The Language of Prayer: Jewish Spirituality and Experience of Worship
The origins and heritage of the first efforts of humankind to pray and to offer sacrifice of praise and atonement as found in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Midrash & Aggadah
Methodology and traditions of Jewish study for understanding the haggadic or halakic exposition of the underlying significance of a biblical text.

Biblical Geography & Spirituality of the Land
‘Reading' the land, and understanding its history, are valuable tools for interpreting the biblical text in context. Extensive touring throughout the country for on-site lectures and contact with the people are an important aspects of the program.

Seeing Torah Through a Feminist Lens
Examining the feminist images and interpretations of the biblical texts.

Rashi on the Biblical Texts
Rashi (1040-1105 CE) was frequently referred to as "The Commentator" par excellence on the Bible and Talmud. His influence was, and still is, significant. He is acclaimed by all scholars of Hebrew Scriptures as the pre-eminent commentator on the biblical text.

Hasidic Literature
The Hasidic teacher known as the "Sefat Emet" is recognized as a great Jewish mystic. The Sefat Emet, literally "The Language of Truth," is a collection of Hasidic teachings on the weekly reading of the Torah and the Jewish biblical festivals. Sefat Emet, one of the most revered Jewish mystics, reads the biblical texts.

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