Admission Requirement

The principal requirement for participation is your willingness to work hard in the seminars, course work and guided study, and a commitment to prepare the course readings sent to you in advance of the study program. This includes your ability to appreciate and understand the Word of God in a manner unique for Christians, here in the Land, with the People and the Book. In your application you need to demonstrate that you have the desire and opportunity to reteach and use the material once you return to your home environment. It should be noted that the biblical and archaeological excursions around the country, and on-site visits for study lectures, can sometimes be physically challenging.

Those accepted by the Admissions Review Committee at Bat Kol Institute will enjoy the experience of a hands-on course that they can use when they return to their churches and teaching. What is being offered to them is the opportunity as Christian educators to explore new pathways into the sacred text, using the tools of the time of Jesus as well as Jewish commentaries, ancient and contemporary. Those participating in this vital experience will be committing themselves to an intimate involvement with the themes, personalities, and sites of the Biblical text.

Students registering for academic credits for Bat Kol courses should first discuss their own degree program requirements and study options with their university or college registrar. This will inform them of the procedures for registering their study to receive academic credit. Previous Bat Kol students have already been awarded graduate level credit through their own accredited universities in Canada, United States, Italy, India, and Australia.

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