Academic Credit

Bat Kol programs are recognized for graduate credit by a number of accredited universities in Canada, United States, Italy, India, and Australia, with some other countries pending. Applicants seeking academic credit must initiate a liaison between the Registrar's Office of their educational institution and the Administrative Office of Bat Kol to seek formal authorization for the course and to ensure eligibility. Once classes begin, Bat Kol Institute will assign one of its professors to each student seeking credit to help in their research and to participate in the evaluation/marking process.

A fee of US $250.00 is added to the regular tuition costs if the course is taken for academic credit.

The final mark from Bat Kol Institute, submitted to the applicant's institution, is based on:

  1. Applicant's preparation of preliminary reading assignments,
  2. Hebrew language preparation before the course begins,
  3. Participation in the intensive program of study while in Israel,
  4. Two book reviews,
  5. An oral exam,
  6. A 10-page research paper (15 pages if for an advanced degree credit).
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