In Memory of Gillian Putnam

Gill left the earthly Jerusalem for the heavenly Jerusalem, 28 January 2019.  Her loss is immense. The condolence page on the Bat Kol website ( is witness to a woman of God known for her wonderful combination of warmth, efficiency and enthusiasm.


 Gill was born in Somerset, England in 1943, and worked in business until she was ordained an Anglican priest.  I first met Gill at the Ammerdown Conference and Retreat Center in 2010 where I was giving a workshop, and thereafter, every year in September from 2011 to 2019.  In 2013 Gill came to Israel for the first time. She participated in the Jerusalem Bat Kol course on “Holiness and Wilderness in the Book of Leviticus and Prophetic Readings,” in July of that year.


When she returned home, she felt a strong call to return to Israel. She didn’t know how to realize this call.  One day, she prayed, “If You want me, give me a sign.” That was the day I phoned her and told her Bat Kol needed a co-ordinator and executive secretary. When I asked if she wanted the job, she broke into tears of joy and told me of her prayer.


Since then she has been at my side. Until now…


As I closed her eyes at Shaare Zedek hospital my heart ached.  A deep close friend, an indefatigable worker, a woman of deep faith, gone, totally unexpected. I was shocked, stunned.


Two days later at the morgue with her son, the Rev. Jeremy Putnam and his wife, Ruth, who arrived from England, I stood by her body again. As I stood there, peace slowly entered my troubled soul.   She wasn’t dead.  This body was the house she left behind as she entered another realm.


I thank God for the gift of Gill to me and to Bat Kol. She played a great part in all of Bat Kol’s activities and its continued development.  She devoted herself fully to all new applicants to the programs and met them at the gate on their arrivals at all hours of the night. She was in continual contact with the international community of alums in a variety of ways:  sending them material for their centres, contacting them to write the weekly commentaries on the Parashat HaShavuah and Sunday readings, and sending notices when the commentaries were due. She was also Chair of the international leadership team, the editor of regular newsletters, etc. etc.  I don’t know yet how I or we will get along without her.


We will all miss her. Her children, Jeremy and Edward, and their children who were always topics of loving conversation with me. Bat Kol professors and alums worldwide, who have been touched and influenced by her presence.  Christ’s Church where she served, worshipped and studied. And not least, the Sisters of Sion of the region who had accepted her as an associate and loved member.


Gill’s love of God radiated from her very being. Jeremy and Ruth found this prayer on her night table: “Dear God, I thank you for your great love and for the enormous feeling of love, joy and peace I receive from knowing you and all that you bring into my life. My greatest desire is to know you more and more, to bring love and commitment through my continuing worship of you. Because of your presence in my life I feel physically relaxed and at peace. Thank you for the abundance of blessings you shower me with every day.”


Dear Gill, please continue to send angels of help as you did in the preparation of your memorial on January 31st.  I hope you will be pleased with the twin fig trees I am planting in your name beside the tree you planted for your beloved husband, Peter, in Motza, near the  Yellin house, in the suburbs of Jerusalem.  Please know how dear you are to all of us.


Messages received in honor of Gill

What sad news of the passing of Gill. A truly loving woman, dedicated to making sure all participants of Bat Kol felt comfortable and enjoyed their time in Jerusalem. There was always a glass of wine and a cookie to enjoy while we shared the joys of the day together.  Gill you were an inspiration of how God’s call could move you to a different country to do His work. Thank you for all you did for Jewish-Christian relationships and for countless students and friends. Jeremy and family, sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful mother, a true daughter of Christ. Rest in peace dear teacher and friend. | Tina-Marie Lockyer – Toronto/Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

The news of Gill’s passing came as a shock when I awoke on the morning of January 29, 2019. I had communicated with her just earlier this month. I never thought it would be the last time. From the moment I met Gill in July last year and even before that when I was preparing to travel to Jerusalem, I knew she was a special person. I felt her love for the Lord and for people. I admired her desire to pursue her passion which led her to leave her home in the UK and devote herself to working full-time for Bat Kol. It was a tremendous sacrifice and a wonderful witness to love and generosity of spirit. I extend heartfelt condolences to Sr. Maureena and the entire Bat Kol family as you grieve Gill’s passing. May she rest in God’s everlasting peace. | Sr. Carla  Thomas – Trinidad and Tobago/Toronto.

I treasure my memories of Gill from Deuteronomy  2015-her warmth, concern for others and her ability to include all. How grateful I am for ‘the catch ups’ we enjoyed in Jerusalem last year. An extraordinary lady. May she rest in peace. | Pat McDonagh – Binningup Western Australia.

Nous ne vous avons pas beaucoup connue, si ce n’est en cette entrée en shabbat où vous nous avez reçues, nous, les sœurs de La Solitude, avec Maureena. Vous nous y avez laissé un souvenir marquant par votre disponibilité, votre modestie, votre joie. Merci, Gill, et nous sommes sûres que d’auprès de Dieu vous prierez pour Maureena. Merci ! Sr Thérèse Dominique | Thérèse Dominique – Ein Karem/Gémenos.

It is difficult to believe Gill is  no longer walking with us. Gill has helped me through many visits and courses in Israel.  Gill’s sudden death is a tremendous loss to all, whilst feeling her loss, I know she will be watching over the work her for  Bat Kol, she faithfully followed God’s call to her to go to Israel an example of faith and devotion of an extraordinary level. My prayer and sympathy for Jeremy and family. I will miss her.  Sr. Anne Mc Nally (Sion. | anne mcnally- Manchester U.K.. 

Dear Rev. Gillian, I haven’t known or even met you, but through Fr. Aliki Langi, and Dra. Ruby Simon who brought Bat Kol in my life and thier writings, likewise, Sr. Maureen who visited Davao, 12 or 13 years ago, my heart continues to journey or keep in touch in Bat Kol Institute by subscribing the Parashat even in this cyber world. I can’t help myself to leave a message in your journey in meeting God, that, your wonderful works had inscribed in our hearts and thank you for bringing people close to God. Good journey Rev. Gillian Putnam. |  Reynan Laurente – Tandag City, Surigao del Sur – Philippines.

Thank you Gill, for the gift of your presence. For your patience and gentle ways of guiding me and the rest of Bat Kol community. I am blessed to have met such a wonderful, kind, warm person that you are. I am sad that Jhen and I never got the chance to bake you a cake and visit you there in Jerusalem. You are dearly loved and will be sorely missed. To her family, we thank you for sharing your mum with us. Me you all be comforted in this time of mourning. We mourn with you and celebrate Gill’s life and love with you as well. May her memory be a blessing as her life was surely a blessing to all of us who have met, embraced, and have been touched by her. | John Paul Bolano – Quezon City, Philippines. 

Gill was a very caring Godly woman, she started Chaplaincy About Town in Weston Super Mare and was also a part of our local Police Chaplaincy. She had a heart for people who were suffering and in need and was always here, there and everywhere when vulnerable people needed her help. I send a prayer to her family who must be suffering greatly. She will be so very missed. God Bless you Gill. You are with the Lord now. | Jayne Webster-Blyth – Weston Super Mare. Great Britain.

In the Summer of 2013 I had the privilege to meet  Gillian in Jerusalem at our Bat Kol course. During these 3 weeks I meet many interesting  people, but Gill was specially kind to me.  At that time, even though she was Rev. from London she reminded me that we were both just student and we had a lot to learn  from Bat Kol and from each other.  For family, friends and Bat Kol community, sincere condolences. | Carlos  Carvalho – Winnipeg, Canada.

I shall miss Gill, though I knew her more through internet than in person. Her faithful commitment to Bat Kol was a beautiful expression of her love of the Word of God and of the generous gift of her time and creativity in service of it. In her invitations to us and in her responses to our commentaries, I found such joy in our insights and gratitude for them, and so much interest, patience and encouragement. May she know now all that awaits the biblical “faithful servant.” | Diane Willey – Saskatoon, Canada.

To one of the kindest, fun loving women I have ever met, this isn’t goodbye, it’s just “see you on the other side”! She loved Jesus, her family, and so many others. She is with Jesus now, and walking on the streets of Gold. No more suffering, and no more pain.  | Lynn Uphoff – Kansas City, Kansas.

I first had the opportunity of meeting Gill last November at the leadership meeting in Jerusalem. I had met her before, online, with respect to the commentaries I had committed to. In all of that, I came to realize what a gift she was to us all and, particularly, too Bat Kol.  All of you have expressed so eloquently the daughter of God that she was and I can only add to offer my condolences to her family as well as to the wider Bat Kol community. Many blessings Gill. Julien Fradette | Julien Fradette – Winnipeg, Canada.

The passing of Reverend Gill is so saddening. I cannot find the words to truly describe the love she had for the work she was doing at Bat Kol, and her commitment and dedication to the service of whoever got associated with it. She enjoyed seeing everyone who came to Bat Kol happy and at peace, and she was the example in sharing joy and fullness of life especially through her very hearty smile and loud laughter. She went an extra mile just to make sure that things get done, and what she enjoyed most was to see everyone involved. She did everything in her power to make sure that I was able to make it for my first attendance at Bat Kol in 2015, and she was elated when I returned for the July 2016 session. I do not want to believe that this memorable experience of her and Bat Kol has turned out to be the last time I have known her in this physical, earthly life. I am comforted by the belief that she is already enjoying the plenitude that the God of life has promised to all those who serve him and his people with such love and dedication as Gill did. May her soul rest in eternal peace. | Bernard Luwerekera – Kampala, Uganda.

I knew Gill only through e-mail – she was so kind and helpful, friendly and patient. It was a joy, mixed with sorrow, to see that photo of her cheerful face.  What a loss to Bat Kol and to her family and friends. | Anne Morton – Winnipeg, Canada.

Rev. Gill Putnam:  For Gill, Joy and Peace with the Holy G-d she served so well. For me, great loss of Gill’s caring friendship. For family, friends, Bat Kol, sincere condolences. | Elaine  Schindler, HM – Villa Maria, Pennsylvania, USA.

 I am very grateful for all the contributions of Rev. Gill to the Bat Kol Institute and to the whole Church. Her works have truly  touched the life of other people. Her fidelity to proclaim God’s word through the Bat Kol Way continues to give life to Institute. May we always be inspired by her person. May God welcome her with full embrace as she rest in peace in God’s arms. May we continue her legacy. | Martha Abejero Gamolo – Philippines. 

Dear Gill, Eternally grateful To God for being God’s providence in flesh! Your magnanimity of heart made my BatKol 2017 experience possible. I have the blessed privilege of knowing you. I will hold you in my heart. Rest in God’s eternal embrace.Please pray for us who are still in pilgrimage. | Shela Mae Jaso – Davao City, Philippines.

I am adding a modest contribution to the beautiful words of Gill’s friends and colleagues literally from all over the world. I knew her only in the last few years, through Bat Kol, but I can echo the praises both of her dedication and kindness. She was a person who lived according to her faith.  May we all be comforted together with all the mourners of Zion. | Debbie Weissman – Jerusalem, Israel.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’ Our feet are standing within your gates, O Jerusalem.” Psalm 122: 1-2 What a blessing it was that Gill made her home in the earthly Jerusalem where she graced us with her thoughtfulness and inspired us with her faith. Her dedication to Bat Kol was second to none. We will miss you Gill. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Rest in peace. | Mary Ann Payne – Melbourne, Australia. 

A prayer of those who loved her: “Undo it, take it back, Make every day the previous one Until I am returned to the day Before that one that made you gone. Or set me on an airplane Traveling west, crossing the dateline Again and again, losing this day, Then that, until the day of loss Still lies ahead, and you are Here instead of sorrow.” Bat Kol misses your loving dedicated service…..may your name be a blessing  (Nassa Rapaport, WTC). | Helen Graham – Quezon city, Philippines.

Dear Gill Thank you for the great gift of your warmth, cheerful smile and great sense of humour – it has been a huge privilege and joy knowing you.  We are sure your generous spirit will embrace with vigour the next phase of the Great Mystery. With love from Bryan, Janet and Christa. | Christa Darragh – Towcester, UK. 

 My wonderful cousin Gill we grew up together in the same house I have so many happy memories of you Gill rest in peace my lovely, you were an amazing person. | Terry Dymond – Shepton Mallet uk.

Gill loved Jerusalem and now she is in the Heavenly Jerusalem. We will miss her warm, caring nature and her enthusiasm for the Scriptures and for all things related to Bat Kol. She was a living Torah. May she now be enjoying the fullness of life. Prayerful condolences to her family, colleagues and friends. | Sr Marie Andre Mitchell – Johannesburg, South Africa.

I would like to add my voice to those who will dearly miss Rev. Gillian and her warm and friendly presence. I always felt welcome and appreciated by her gentle smile and cheerful disposition. May we all draw inspiration from her work and continue it in her name. | David Frankel – Jerusalem, Israel.

Still you will continue to be remembered for your good works. It was 2016 when I served with Gill at Christ Church, Jerusalem, I remember she gave me her card and telling me that I fit being in the Bat Kol class one day. Just in June 2018 by God’s appointment I met her again in the same Church in Jerusalem and at that time she was making plans for this year’s class. Straight away she called me saying “Oh Emmanuel, we were together two years ago!” I said yes with a smile and a hug. Two weeks letter I received an Invitation letter to attend 2019 class. All my communications with her were “see you in July.” Now she has gone to be with the Lord!! I cannot believe that I will not see her again. God’s plan is not our plan. May God comfort her family members and Bat Kol family at large! | Emmanuel Mukeshimana – Kampala, Uganda.

I was so shocked to hear about Gill’s death – we had been in contact a short while ago concerning ‘Parashat Yitro’ ! I never met her but I felt she was a dear friend in her correspondence with me concerning the writing I have been doing for Bat Kol. I shall miss her gentle reminder, her encouragement and her gratitude. My condolences to her family, friends, Maureena and Bat Kol. Rest in peace “good and faithful servant.” She always ended her emails to me with “Shalom Blessings” – may the Angels accompany you with ‘Shalom Blessings’, Gill. | Bernadette  Chellew – South Africa.

 May angels accompany you and bring to Abraham”s bosom and Sarah’s embrace.  Rest in peace. | Arche  Ligo – Manila, Philippines.

Gill, I can’t believe you are not with us anymore. Shocked and numb by your sudden departure. I know your faith in God never wavered. I am happy to have spent a couple hours with you in the hospital recently. You reminded me, again and again, it is All up to Him. Rest in Peace. I pray for the loved ones you left behind. Watch over them! | breda fitzpatrick – Jerusalem.

 I’m deeply saddened at Gill’s passing.  May G-d embrace her in everlasting love, and grant us all renewed fellowship when we meet again in G-d’s kingdom. | Russ McDougall – Tantur, Jerusalem.

Dear Gill, a lovely picnic has ended and we all miss you. Hope you may rest in peace with Him. May the merciful God bless and keep your lovely family always. | MarieChristina Kwon – Seoul, South Korea.

Heartfelt Condolence and Prayers. May the soul rest in Peace. | Sr. Hridya Idayil SIC – Pathanamthitta, India.

I first met Gill on the 2013 Leviticus program and watched her fall in love with Bat Kol. Her deep spirituality was a gift to our class. The following year we both came to Jerusalem and the gift that she had offered our group was shared with the wider Bat Kol community, which she served so humbly. I fondly remember her gentle emails reminding me that my next commentary was overdue, making it seem like it wasn’t my fault. Blessings on your Journey to the heavenly Jerusalem Gill and condolences to your family, friends and the wider Bat Kol community. | Mark David Walsh – Melbourne, Australia. 

I am deeply saddened by the news of Rev Gill’s demise. I never had a chance to meet her but her diligence and patience are quite palpable in all of her communications. One thought came to me, when we had a discussion on Mose’s death. “Al peh Adonai”, ” at the mouth of the Lord”, looking as death as the Divine Kiss, God taking back our breathe. My prayers for her family and the Bat Kol family. Shalom! Ruby A. Simon, Davao City, Philippines, Batkol 2007, 2009. | Ruby  Simon – Davao City, Philippines.

I  said a loud, Oh my God! upon reading the news of the death of Revd Gill as it was sudden and unexpected. Hours earlier, I had read her Facebook posts on the bombing of a   cathedral in Southern Philippines and on Tony Robbins.  Days earlier, she reminded us of the need to send our Bat Kol report on or before January 31. Up to the very end, Gill was a compassionate human being, a concerned Christian and a tireless worker for Bat Kol. I have been blessed to have met and worked with Gill, a truly great, warm, lovely and inspiring woman. I am very very sad she left us in a blink of an eye when there are still so much we could have done together. I will always remember her smiling face,  her patience and persistence in doing big and small tasks for Bat Kol and in showing her steadfast love for God and  God’s  Word. She is a big loss to Bat Kol and personally, I lost  a friend and link to Jerusalem (literally too, as she was the one who met me, opening the St. Charles gate in the wee hours, in the three times I went to Jerusalem).   I  pray that Gill may see the face of God and live forever.  As I pray for her, I will also pray for her family and Bat Kol. May we be consoled that she had led a blessed life and is now with God whom she has truly loved. | Miner Generalao – Quezon City, Philippines.

Dear Jeremy,  It is with great, great sadness that I read news of your dear mother Gill’s passing, as Maureena notified us this morning via email.  I cannot imagine the grief you must feel, Gill was such a warm & loving person, she just have been the most wonderful mother. I first met your mother some years back (2013) when we were together at a Bat Kol Summer programme and ever since then, we have remained good friends.  She lived for you and her family & friends- that much I am sure of as she spoke so highly and lovingly of you all, always.  I am so very, very sorry that Gill will no longer be with us but for sure, her spirit will remain alive forever in the hearts and minds of countless thousands and thousands of people whose lives she gently touched.  May she truly rest in peace,  Warmly,  Anne.  Anne Kelleher (from Kildare, Ireland). | Anne  Kelleher – kildare town Ireland. 

It is with great sadness to learn about the sudden death of Gill. What a great woman she was! Her dedication in everything she was doing was truly commendable. But in our life of service what we value even more is who we are, not what we do. She was a very gentle, warm person. She was attentive to the people around her. She was kind to those who needed her. A huge loss for her family, communities which she was part of. A huge loss for Bat Kol… May she rest in peace and pray for all of us who were touched by her life. | Sr Grace Roclawska – Sydney, Australia. 

Gill was a person who radiated the love of Jesus – she carried His loving presence and was a blessing to all who came in contact with her. I loved talking to her – one sensed such wisdom and kindness! I remember how she prayed for an important document I had mislaid to be found. It was, of course!  Another thing she shared with me was how wonderful it was that God had given her this new life in Jerusalem after the loss of her beloved husband. There was always such wonder in her face and voice when she shared this. I, and many others in Jerusalem will greatly miss her! יהי זכרה ברוך  (May her memory be a blessing!). | Rosalind Hershkovitz – Jerusalem, Israel. 

Will be sadly missed may she rest in peace. | Hazel Smith – Johannesburg, South Africa.

A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven, and all the heavenly blessings fall on Bat Kol from above. | Juliana Baldinger – Ein Karem, Jerusalem.

A great woman of faith! Until we will see each other in heavens! Thank you for all your job at bat Kol and patience with me! Now you see everything you taught us about God and His Love. Thanks Gill! | Fernando Gross – São Paulo, Brazil. 

Dear Gill, I can’t believe you’re gone. Memories of your energy, whether working to move boxes to storage or setting a beautiful table for Sabbath, combine with your lovely smile and kind words when communicating with all of us in the Bat Kol family. You were always positive, always inspiring, inviting and encouraging. It has been a privilege to know you and your memory will serve as a blessing to all of us. Thank you, Gill, for your wonderful life! Shalom! | MariAnn (Marjan) Saenen – Caro MI, USA.

I was absolutely horrified, shocked and saddened to see a link to a memorial page for Gill in my e-mail today. Having worked together during my year as Academic Director of Bat Kol, I came to appreciate her gentleness but deep inner strength, her pastoral gifts, and her commitment to the work of Jewish-Christian dialogue and reconciliation. Her sudden death is a loss to Bat Kol, to her family and church community, and to all of us who had the opportunity to work with her and enjoy her friendship. I am praying here for Gill and her loved ones, and wishing her rest in the heavenly Jerusalem, after so many years labouring in the earthly Jerusalem. My condolences and my love to all those who knew her and benefitted from her devoted work. | Murray Watson – Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

My prayer for Jill comes from the Book of Ruth. “May Yahweh repay you for what you have done, and may you be richly rewarded by Yahweh, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge. (Rt 2:12) | Moya Hegarty osu – Sligo, Ireland.

Your memory is a blessing, Gill.  My deepest sympathy to the family.  In honor of the life of Gill, a person who devoted her life in the study of Torah, I remember the words of Kaddish. Amen. | Petite Lao – Toronto, Canada.

Gill counted on me to teach, but she was my teacher.  She modeled kindness and commitment to every person involved and every aspect of Bat Kol.  She insisted on excellence and quality in every detail of her own work, with kindness and generosity when it came to my mistakes.  She loved Bat Kol, her Jerusalem life, and her family. | Marcie Lenk – Jerusalem, Israel. 

Though I was ultimately unable to attend the Leviticus training last summer, Rev. Gill Putnam was so helpful with my questions and giving of her time. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to meet her in person. I pray blessings for her family and friends and for the Bat Kol program. | Kathy Berry – Richmond. 

Gillian was dedicated to the study and spreading of the word of God.She is a symbol of God s faithfulness and promoting beginners.She had great wisdom and insight into the Law of the Lord.may she be alighted light within all of us. | Joan Chunkapura.

May her dear soul rest in peace and rise in glory. Gill was exceptional and dedicated to her work and she also loved the Lord. She will be sorely missed. | Vincent  Moeketsi – South Africa.

Gil was kind, generous, thoughtful, & determined. She gave up her place serving the Communion at Church in Jerusalem so I could have the privilege. In the end, we did it together. The warmest of memories. Thanks to Gil & her faithful, loving heart. | A. Sandra Clark – Brussels, Ontario, Canada.

Gillian Putnam made a lasting contribution to Christian-Jewish understanding not by loud preaching but by quiet, dignified being, To know her was to be touched by the love of God that surpasses religious divides and theological disputes. As her life was a blessing to all who knew her, so will her memory be a blessing to all of us who remember her with love. | Dow Marmur – Jerusalem, Israel.

Dear Gill, As I remember,  I always felt impulses to take pictures of your back walking. Now you must be walking around in heaven in awe at how beautiful it is. Do you remember the first two pictures for which I asked you to stand before the flowers? You were hesitant in the beginning but then you were happy with the results and said you would send them to your son in Thailand. I am so sorry that you had to wait after midnight the day I arrived at Bat Kol. And thank you so much for trying your absolute best in everything that you did. You are truly inspirational. I woke up and heard about your news and I couldn’t stop crying. It means that we are all connected already; we shared times, laughter, discussions, meals and labour, in which we became family. You will always be in my heart, I don’t know why, but I just know. Thank you and miss you already. Sincerely. | Paul Kye – Toronto, Canada.

I had the privilege of knowing Gill through the 2014 Bat Kol program, and subsequent involvements with Bat Kol. She was such a personable individual and always had a smile for you. I can’t believe she is gone. My condolences to her biological family and to the greater Bat Kol family. I know we are all saddened by the news and will miss her greatly. Until we see each other again, Gill. | Fiona Li – Toronto, Canada.

What a loss to Bat Kol – a generous committed woman. May her memory be truly blessed. | Maureen Cusick – London, UK.

So sad to read of Gill’s passing- she has left a wonderful legacy after living a very full and rich life. Gill’s warm and generous heart has touched so many countless thousands of lives, each of whom is grateful for the encounters with Gill. May she rest in peace in her heavenly home. | Anne Kelleher – Kildare, Ireland.

Gill, we spoke through social media two days ago. Your kindness will always be with me. Rest In Peace my dear! | Carolina Golçalves – Curitiba, Brazil. 

I am really saddened by the news of your passing, Gill. You were such a big part of our 2014 batch. Thank you for your help and support. May you rest in peace. You are home now. | Margaret Cabrera – Philippines.

Sad news indeed. Gill died suddenly yesterday with a breathing problem, a shock to us all,  a shock and great sadness to me personally and a great loss to Bat Kol. Words are inadequate, but truly she is a holy one of God and her worth to Bat Kol is inexpressible.  We will all miss her. | Maureena Fritz – Jerusalem, Israel. 

I was deeply saddened to hear about the sudden demise of Rev. Gillian Putnam. I do not know her personally. As a future student of Bat Kol Institute and planning to study there in July this year, I had a  couple of correspondence with her last December. She has always been kind enough to clarify all my doubts and had a welcoming attitude. I am sure her sudden demise will be a loss to Bat Kol Institute. She is in my thoughts and prayers. May her soul rest in peace! | Jackson Johnson – Rome, Italy.

Oh no! What a terrible loss for the Bat Kol family. She was such a wonderful combination of warmth and efficiency and enthusiasm! May God comfort the mourners ! | Levi  Weiman-Kelman – Jerusalem, Israel.

Gill is the most dedicated woman I ever seen. You are a grace to Bat Kol dearest Gill. You are. | Kristine Meneses – Philippines. 

“Love takes up where knowledge leaves off” (Thomas Aquinas) Dear Gill, your life was dedicated to studying, teaching and to enable others to succeed in their academic and personal lives. All this you did in a very loving and dedicated way. Now you live in a realm where all questions are answered and where you are immersed in this LOVE you always believed in. Thank you for sharing your life with us – may your soul find peace in Gan Eden and be bound up in the bundle of life! With sincere condolences and in loving memory. | Barbara Kauffmann – Munich, Germany. 

Our life has impacted a myriad of lives, Your light has shown in the darkest, Your name has left a legacy…in our lives. Todah Rabah! Leonardo, 2008, 2010 | Leonardo F. Galanza Jr. – Antipolo City, Philippines. 

Dear Gill was a lovely person.  I had the privilege of sharing the 2013 Bat Kol program with her.  It was a wonderful experience, partly because of Gill’s enthusiastic, joyful presence.  I”m truly sorry to hear of her passing.  The world has lost a beautiful soul who will not be forgotten.  My deep sympathy to her family and friends. | Sister Shelley Jeffrey – Toronto, Canada. 

Dear Gill, since 2014 we have been exchanging e-mails about 3 times a week. For five years, your kind words have been part of my weekly routine. You always thanked me with very warm words for every single little task I did for you. Very often we don’t realize how we are surrounded by very special people. For sure you’re one of them. My prayer and faith is that the sweet Savior have your soul in his heart. | Cristóvão O. Silva – Jerusalem, Israel. 

Dear Gill, always so dependable, kind, patient and steadfast.  How can you be gone from us?  You were and still are, an inspiration to us.  You followed your dream and gave and received so many blessings.  Thank you. | Rosina Elston – East Wittering, UK.

It is a very difficult moment to realize that Gill is no longer here with us. She was present to us in so many ways – her smile, her laugh, her ease with which she took on everything! I admired her creativity, her expertize and her personal touch which endeared people to her. She was a true friend and I will miss her very much. May we all capture some of that goodness that flowed from her. Gill, thank you for all! | Rita Kammermayer – Jerusalem, Israel. 

I have such sweet memories of our time together in Israel in Summer 2013 – especially planning and leading a service of renewal of baptismal vows on the shores of the Sea of Galilee together. And what a joy to stay connected as you served Bat Kol. As you now enjoy God’s abundant presence, know that your memory here will always be a blessing! | Kristen  Marble – Indianapolis, USA.

Dear fellow Bat Kol members and Gill’s family,  I may not have had the chance to meet Gill but we virtually knew each other through Bat Kol. Let us together thank the Lord for the gift that she had been for us in many, different ways.  May she enjoy God’s shalom and may we, especially those she closely worked with and her family, experience God’s consolation. With heartfelt condolences. | Malou Ibita – Leuven, Belgium / Quezon City, Philippines.

I’m shocked and saddened to hear of Gill’s death. My sincere condolences to her family and friends. | Mary Ann Beavis – Saskatoon, Canada.  

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