BAT KOL INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH STUDIES, JERUSALEM / JULY 2017 PROGRA / The revelation and the covenant / Location of Course: Jerusalem, Israel / Date: July 6-27, 2017. / Content: Classroom lectures and study trips to various sites in the Holy Land / Professors: A team of Jewish and Christian professors.


Description: Who is this man, Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face and called to lead a people from “ignominy to glory”?


Generations of creative writers and artists have presented awesome portraits of him, i.e., Philo, Life of Moses; frescoes in the ancient synagogues; the medieval Jewish “Chronicles of Moses our teacher”; the ‘Midrash on Moses’ death, etc., and, more recently, the “horned Moses of Michelangelo”; Schoenberg’s opera, Moses and Aaron; Sigmund Freud, Moses and Monotheism; Martin Buber, Moses, and the negro spirituals, etc.


Of particular interest to Christians is the gospel according to Matthew where the writer presents Jesus as a new Moses. All of these creative works take inspiration from the Book of Exodus, a book to be approached in this course through ancient, medieval and modern methods of interpretation.


Partial Bibliography: R. ALTER, The Five Books of Moses, New York 2004; E. FOX, The Five Books of Moses, London 1995; M. FISHBANE, Text and Texture, 1979; J.L. KUGEL, The Bible as it was, Cambridge, 1997; W.G. PLAUT, The Torah, a modern commentary, New York, 2006; N. Leibowitz, Studies in Shemot Exodus, Jerusalem, 1978; M. BUBER, Moses: the revelation and the covenant, New York, 1998.


OF PARTICULAR NOTE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: Bat Kol programs are accepted for academic credit by a number of colleges and this is negotiable with all institutes. The unique quality of Bat Kol programs is that they combine encounters with the Book, the Land and the People COST: 3,950 USD which includes full tuition, books, study tours, board and room in single, en suite rooms in the beautiful St. Charles Hospice in the German Colony of Jerusalem and board and accommodation on the Sea of Galilee.


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