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Parashat Beshalach |Marie André Mitchell

Parashat Beshalach (“when [Pharaoh] let [the people] go”) tells of the crossing of the sea, the culmination of the narrative of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt. This event is related in two versions, a prose account in 14:1-31 followed by a poetic account (called in rabbinic literature Shirat HaYam, “Song at the Sea”) in 15:1-22.

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The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time | Mary Louise Chesley-Cora

The great event of the Baptism of Jesus brings to a dramatic climax the journey we have been making as Christians over the last several weeks. We began with patient waiting and hopeful expectation, rejoiced in the birth of the infant Jesus, honored the Holy Family and shared in the homage paid by the Magi. The baptism of Jesus now brings to an end his “hidden life” and signals the imminent commencement of his public ministry as Son of God.

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