Bat Kol Centers

Bat Kol Institute's extension centres include both "Bat Kol Centres" and "Bat Kol Cells."




A Bat Kol Centre is a group of people committed to Talmud Torah (studying and doing of Torah) generally under the local leadership of a Bat Kol alumnus/a.


The purpose of a Bat Kol Centre is primarily that of study of Torah (Scripture) using Jewish Sources. It is to this body of literature that John Paul II refers when he said, "There is much that Christians and Jews share together, and it is vital now that Christians should learn more of that common heritage" (Rome, April 28, 1999). "A perennial manifestation of the link between the Christian community with the Jewish people is the acceptance by Christians of the Sacred Scriptures of the Jewish people as the Word of God addressed to themselves as well" (Pontifical Biblical Commission, 2002).


A Bat Kol Centre is an international extension of the Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem and is officially recognized through its Jerusalem office there. Members of a Bat Kol Centre are encouraged to establish contact with the local Jewish community, if such exists, in order to participate occasionally in the celebration of Sabbath, festivals, and prayer.


A Bat Kol Centre begins as a Cell (see below). Members of a Bat Kol Centre are encouraged to foster the formation of Cells. The leaders of a Bat Kol Centre are encouraged to do continued study with the Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem.


Upon registration of a Bat Kol Centre by the Jerusalem Office, local leadership will receive the Lady Bat Kol icon. The Centre will then be included in the official list of Bat Kol Centres on the Bat Kol website. The leadership of a Bat Kol Centre should develop a "basic study shelf," to which the Jerusalem Office may occasionally add selected books. In addition the Jerusalem Office will try to provide special support to a Bat Kol Centre through occasional official visits, books, and materials.


When circumstances merit it, a Regional Coordinator will be appointed by the Jerusalem Office to be of service in the development of Centres and Cells in a geographical area.




  • A Bat Kol Cell is started/encouraged by a Bat Kol alumnus/a or by an experienced member of a Bat Kol Centre.
  • Meetings of a Bat Kol Cell are conducted according to the Order of Meeting for a Bat Kol Centre.
  • Following a six-month period of regular meetings, a Bat Kol Cell can request registration as a Bat Kol Centre. Upon request, the Bat Kol Cell will provide the Jerusalem office with a suggested name for the Center, as well as the name and contact information for local leadership.
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