March Song

עֲבָדִים הָיִינּו, הָיִינּו
עַּתָהּ בְנֵי חֹורִין, בְנֵי חֹורִין
עֲבָדִים הָיִינּו
עַּתָה, עַּתָהּ בְנֵי חֹורִין, בְנֵי חֹורִין


Avadim hayinu, hayinu

Ata b’nei horin, b’nei horin

Avadim hayinu

Ata ata b’nei horin, b’nei horin.


We were slaves, we were…

Now we are free people

We were slaves

Now, now we are free people, free people.


“Avadim Hayinu” is one of the best-known songs from the Passover seder. These are the first words of the response to the “Four Questions” which point out the ways that the Passover meal is different from all other meals throughout the year.

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