December Hebrew Song



בָּאנוּ חוֹשֶךְ לְגָרֵש.

בָּאנוּ חוֹשֶךְ לְגָרֵש.                                                               Banu choshech le’garesh

בְּיָדֵינוּ אוֹר וָאֵש.                                                                   Beyadenu or va-esh

כָּל אֶחָד הוּא אוֹר קָטָן,                                                         kol echad hu or katan

ו כוּלָנוּ אוֹר אֵיתָן.                                                                  Ve-chulanu or eitan

 סוּרָה חוֹשֶךְ.                                                                        Sura choshech

 הָלְאָה שְחוֹר.                                                                                  Hal’a shchor

 סוּרָה!                                                                                            Sura!

 מִפְּנֵי הָאוֹר.                                                                         Mipney ha’or.


We came to drive out the darkness.

We have light and fire in our hands.

Everyone is a small light,

And all of us (together) are a strong (stable) light.

Move away darkness ( black)

Go further on from the light!



This is a children’s Hanukkah song, and is also a dance.

The idea of the song is that the light can drive out and expel the darkness.

If we do good things together we can overcome the evil!

The light represents the pureness and brotherhood between people all over the world.

The song reminds us that when God created the world, the light was the first thing God made, and before it the world was all dark with no light at all.


You can also hear the song on YouTube via this link


Sarah Israeli

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