April Song



Psalm 92.12

The righteous flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.


“This is quite a popular song today in Israel and it is also a very popular dance in Israel and all over the world, Ireland, England, France and many other places.”

Sarah Israeli


 “The future of the righteous (saddiq) in verse 12 contrasts to that of the wicked in verse 7. The wicked are like grass, springing up in profusion, but only to perish quickly.


 The righteous, on the other hand, will thrive like the fruitful date-palm and like the towering cedars of Lebanon. The roots of the date-palm seek out water in the ground, and it is associated with water sources and oases (Num.33.9;  Deut. 34.3). The fruit of the date-palm can be consumed as food, and a drink can be made from its sap. The leaves were used for roofs and woven into mats and baskets. Palm branches were used on festive occasions (Lev. 23.40); victorious entry into Jerusalem (1 Macc. 13.51: John 12.13); purification of the temple (2 Macc.10.7). The palm tree is used as a metaphor for a beautiful woman in Song of Songs  (7.8).


     The “cedar” of Lebanon is renowned for size and quality. The wood, durable and resistant to insects, is a prime choice for fine products such as musical instruments.                 (from WBC commentary).


Maureena Fritz

תְּהִלִּים צ”ב, י”ג

צַַדִּיק כַּתָּמָר יִפְרָח כְּאֶרֶז בַּלְּבָנוֹן יִשְגֶה

Tehilim, 92, 13

Tsadik ka-tamar yifrach. Ke-erez ba-levanon yisge

 Psalms 92, 13

The righteous bloom like a date-palm;

They thrive like a cedar in Lebanon.

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