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In Imitatio Dei and in imitation of Jesus and his disciples

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Our method of study based on "iron sharpens iron" (Prov. 27: 1)

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Parashat Tetzaveh

I first learned about “negative space” in my “Introduction to Art” college class. Suddenly, my perception of artwork shifted as I paid attention to not only what was on the page - but also the blank spaces in between. I discovered how the “negative spaces” are at least as significant as the artwork’s subject. As you read this week’s parashah and haftarah, pay attention to the “negative space.” Who is missing? What cannot be seen? Which things are “hidden in plain sight?”


The 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings from the prophet Jeremiah and Psalm 1 are both pieces of “wisdom writing” in the Hebrew Bible, expressing a philosophy that goodness will be rewarded and evil punished.  Unlike Psalm 1, which begins with a description of the “wise, good person,” Jeremiah begins with the opposite by describing the fate of those who only put their trust in what is human and turn from God.



Dr Norman Tobias

Norman Tobias is a lay member of the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus in its renewed systematic dialogue with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Hebrew Song of the Month

October Song

This month's song is sung by Rabbi Dr. Minna Bromberg, who led and taught morning worship in Bat Kol, summer 2018.


2019 Summer Program

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