The Bat Kol Institute

Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem: A Post-Vatican II Institute where Christians study the Word of God (Torah) within its Jewish milieu (the Land, the Book and the People). Jesus was and always remained a Jew. Whoever meets Jesus Christ meets Judaism (John Paul II). Christianity is rooted in Judaism as a plant is rooted in the earth; it cannot live apart from the soil in which it is planted (The Jewish People #84).Our motto: We will hear and we will do. (Deut. 5.27).


Next Year in Jerusalem

Sit at the feet of Jewish Professors as they interpret and reinterpret ancient texts. Hear the voices through the ages. Touch the rocks of the ancient temple. Taste the milk and honey of the Land. Smell the lilies of the field. See the waves as they lap the shores of the Sea of Galilee. For all this and more start your journey here.

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Parashah Commentary | Introduction

Parashat Devarim

Birthing process is associated with a well orchestrated biophysical transformations of both the baby and the mother but what actually initiates the process remains an enigma. What we know is that by the 40th week from the first day of the last menstruation, the fetus is fully mature...

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Sunday Commentary | Introduction

17th Sunday of the Year

The three parables, about the treasure, the pearl and the dragnet, that bring Matthew’s collection of parables in chapter 13 to a close, are all unique to him. All have been allegorized in Christian tradition but this commentary, like those for the two previous Sundays tries to capture something...

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The Exodus program began on 6th July, with participants from Australia, Brasil, Canada, Israel, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, USA, and UK.  Know more